Anonymous Telemetry

What data do we collect and why?

By default, anonymous telemetry is sent to us every time you save the UmbCheckout configuration and after a remote license check has been completed.

Why do we collect this data?

It is so that we concentrate our development in the most used areas, it also lets us have a rough idea on how many sites are using our package

What data is collected?

We collect the following data:



The Umbraco Guid for the site


The Umbraco version


The UmbCheckout version


The UmbCheckout sub packages which are installed


Whether the site is running on a paid license


Whether the site is running on a development license


The sites hosting environment name (Development, Staging, Production, etc...)

There is a unique constraint on umbracoId and environmentName

Can I disable the telemetry?

Yes, you can disable the telemetry service by setting the following configuration in your appsettings.json file

  "UmbCheckout": {
    "DisableTelemetry": true

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